Friday, October 17, 2014

As The Globe Warms is a gripping, funny and radical contemporary performance connecting the dots between climate change, political polarity, and economic inequality. It is inventive and risk-taking in the most primary ways.

In this 12-episode eco-comic epic, I hope to contribute to a new paradigm of sustainable culture, by embodying a spectrum of characters, animals and natural places struggling for survival in today’s America. The animal and human lives resonate with yours and mine. My aim is to fuel empathy: between rural and urban, confirmed atheists and devout Christians, wired up humanity and the world-wide-web of life itself.  Sending well-targeted ripples into the cultural stream, I envision sharing on-line and in person, a new, inclusive folktale around the global campfire - be it on a church podium in Tennessee, at a science conference in California, an eco-festival tent in Portugal… or in your ears as you trudge to work.
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