Monday, June 28, 2010

An Eco-Soap Opera for The BP Era

Heather Woodbury, winner of OBIE, Kennedy, NEA, COLA, and Spalding Gray Awards and LA Weekly’s Best Solo Performance of the Year Award returns with new weekly installments of her one-woman eco-activist soap opera
  AS THE GLOBE WARMS, for 12 weeks, July 10th- October 2nd, live in Los Angeles

Heather Woodbury’s AS THE GLOBE WARMS - a one-of-a-kind topical drama about panting Pentecostal teens, ecological disaster, desperate scientists and the endangered working class starts its fourth month as one of  the best  kept secrets in print and radio.

A Pentecostal teen possessed by endangered animals, a dead NY video artist broadcasting posthumously, a love-starved Emma Goldman scholar, a family of single women living in a casino parking lot and a lustful zoologist fighting to save an endangered species of Nevada frog, all converge in this timely, eco-activist soap opera.

AS THE GLOBE WARMS is a multi-character serial drama performed in live weekly solo installments and then posted on-line.

Heather Woodbury is renowned for combining the immediacy of performance art with a novel's scope.  Her champions include This American Life’s Ira Glass, performance artist Laurie Anderson and filmmaker Richard Linklater. Her novel-length plays have been published by Faber/Farrar Straus and Giroux and Semiotext (e). Her 8-part solo play WHAT EVER was also a radio-play broadcast on NPR stations and hosted by Ira Glass.

View really short video clips-
Episodes 13-24 of the live, on-going serial AS THE GLOBE WARMS
*Saturdays from 8:00- 8:30 PM July10th- October 2nd
*Except Saturday, July 31st   (venue is closed)
Echo Curio 1519 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park, CA 90026
Admission FREE / DONATIONS accepted

What critics wrote about (my) Heather Woodbury’s earlier epic plays:
 “There is…romance, magic, tragedy and a bracing liberal critique of the world that somehow manages to avoid pessimism and didacticism.”
Jason Zinoman, NY TIMES

“Wildly funny, infinitely sad… as urgently relevant as it is deliriously enjoyable.”
 Fintan O’Toole, IRISH TIMES

 “Bears comparison to the titanic undertakings of Anna Deavere Smith and Tony Kushner…her vision has a sweep and maturity that's just as thrilling to behold.”
 Charles McNulty, LA TIMES

“Remarkable, funny, outrageous, profoundly moving and often scarily brilliant...”

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