Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As The Globe Warms the Low carbon Deep Drama Serial:Final Season

Fomenting ARTS and Bootleg Theater present:
As The Globe Warms
The low-carbon deep drama serial! HBO without the TV!

 The final season of Heather Woodbury’s weekly dramatic serial As the Globe Warms
begins Tuesdays in February at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.
 Woodbury, an OBIE Award-winning actor and NEA Playwriting Fellow known for her sprawling theatrical sagas, writes and performs the final season from week to week, as she goes, with no safety net.

Heather Woodbury’s As The Globe Warms- a one-of-a-kind solo performance narrative about God, sex and ecological disaster starts its final season:
Episodes 1-6: February 1st-March 8th at Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd. 90057
213-389-3856 No Reservations/ Tickets $5 & $10 Time: 30 minutes
Episode 7: March 15th at Word Space 3191 Casitas Ave #156  in Atwater 90039
No Reservations/ Tickets $5 & $10 Time: 30 minutes
GALA MONDO FINALE April 5th at Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd. 90057
No Reservations/ Tickets $5 $10 & $20 Time: 90 minutes

            A Pentecostal teen possessed by endangered animals, a lustful zoologist fighting to save an endangered sub-species of Nevada frog, and a working class American family on the brink of extinction all converge in this low-carbon deep drama serial created week to week by veteran theatrical innovator Heather Woodbury.

            Heather Woodbury is a theater artist known for solo and ensemble works that combine the immediacy of performance art with a novel's scope.  Her champions include This American Life’s Ira Glass, performance artist Laurie Anderson and filmmaker Richard Linklater. Her novel-length plays have been published by Farrar, Straus&Giroux and Semiotext (e). Her 8-part solo play What Ever, originally performed in the back of a  New York City bar in the East Village, toured widely from Chicago’s Steppenwolf to London’s Royal Festival Hall and was broadcast as a radio-play, hosted by Ira Glass. Her ensemble play Tale of 2 Cities: An American Joyride won an OBIE for performance; She has been awarded an NEA for Playwriting and was the first recipient of the Spalding Gray Award for “fearless theatrical innovators.”
            This latest high-wire dare - inventing 34-weeks of narrative drama in public, live and on-line - is funded exclusively by online donations from supporters across the USA who subscribe to an on-line broadcast of the live stage serial.
Short video clips:  Mommy Gone 3 minutes  Frog Speaks 3.5 minutes  Web-Cam’d! 5 minutes
The first 24 episodes - created  2010 -

Praise for Heather Woodbury’s What Ever: An American Odyssey
 “There is…romance, magic, tragedy and a bracing liberal critique of the world that somehow manages to avoid pessimism and didacticism.”
Jason Zinoman, NY TIMES

“ What if the great American novel turned out to be a piece of theatre? Wildly funny, infinitely sad… as urgently relevant as it is deliriously enjoyable.”
 Fintan O’Toole, IRISH TIMES

“Remarkable, funny, outrageous, profoundly moving and often scarily brilliant...”

“Incredible! A one-woman Dickens.”
 Laurie Anderson

“Like living inside a novel
 Richard Linklater

“One of the greatest works you’ve never heard of.”
 Ira Glass

Praise for Heather Woodbury’s Tale of 2Cities:An American Joyride
“Breathtakingly expansive…the canvas on display here has a scale that bears comparison to the titanic undertakings of Anna Deavere Smith and Tony Kushner… her vision has a sweep and maturity that's just as thrilling to behold."
 Charles McNulty, LA TIMES

“A reminder of what a vibrant and endlessly inventive thing theater can be… a triumph of unfettered creativity.”
Terry Morgan, VARIETY

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